Lunchtime Concerts off to flying start!

Our lunchtime concert series (every Tuesday except first in a month at 1.00 p.m.) have been going for a month now, and thank you to the audience members who have joined us in celebrating the return of live music!

The first concert, featuring four incredibly gifted 12- and 13-year-olds, seems a long way back now, and that was followed up with music from saxophonist Stuart Spiers and a varied programme from brass player Wendy Jones and her pupils from Shrewsbury High School prep department.

Unfortunately, the extension of COVID precautions by a further month prevented a visit from Shrewsbury School’s Chamber Choir, but Jeremy Lund provided some casual piano music to fill the void.

You may be pleased to learn that funds raised with other generous donations (including free printing courtesy of Morris & Co.) have already covered the tuning of the grand piano, the purchase of a music stand and have allowed for an organ builder to visit to see what ‘needs doing’ to put the organ into top working order once more. Hopefully other expenses – some connected with music, some with the new church website, and other needful projects – will also be covered by the proceeds from the concerts.

Keep an eye on the Concerts and Events page too – there are some very attractive events to sign up to, many of them free of charge. Everything speaks of life stirring once more after the hateful pandemic – come and support us as we enjoy the Arts and raise money for our beautiful church!

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