Lunchtime Concerts back after winter break!

Our lunchtime concert series (every Tuesday except first in a month at 1.00 p.m.) resumes this March in earnest, although there is a ‘warm-up’ concert by two 13-year-old musicians in January. For details, see our Events page.

Funds raised, with other generous donations, have already covered the tuning of the grand piano, the purchase of a music stand and have allowed for an organ builder to set to work on the chamber organ. Hopefully other expenses – all of which will add to the life of music and the Arts in the church – will be largely funded by the proceeds from these and other concerts.

Keep an eye on the Concerts and Events page too – there are some very attractive events to sign up to, many of them free of charge. You may also sign up to our mailing list using the link there. This will send news of forthcoming events direct to your Inbox during the season!

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